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Mocaa By Heatherwick Studios Reinvents The Vertical Journey

  • 16/09/2023
  • In the world of architecture, few designers possess the visionary prowess to reimagine spaces and challenge conventional norms. Thomas Heatherwick, the mastermind behind Heatherwick Studios, is one such designer. With a deep understanding of the symbiotic relationship between form and function, Heatherwick has crafted awe-inspiring structures that redefine our perception of space. In this blog, we will explore his remarkable design for the Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA), focusing on the ingenious use of custom glass elevators to celebrate the historic silos and reinvent the vertical journey.

    Heatherwick Studio, led by the visionary designer Thomas Heatherwick, has become synonymous with creating extraordinary and transformative architectural experiences. Beyond the conventional realms of buildings and structures, Heatherwick Studio has consistently demonstrated a unique ability to infuse magic and wonder into every aspect of their designs. Elevators, often considered utilitarian necessities, have been no exception to their approach. In this blog, we will explore how Heatherwick Studio's unwavering dedication to crafting magical experiences has resulted in a series of inspiring elevator projects.

    The custom glass elevators at MOCAA are not mere functional elements; they are immersive experiences in their own right. Heatherwick's meticulous attention to detail is evident in the design's integration with the existing structure. The elevators, positioned strategically within the silos, capture and reflect natural light, creating a dynamic interplay between illumination and shadow. As visitors ascend or descend, they are bathed in the ever-changing play of light, heightening the sense of anticipation and discovery.

    Heatherwick's innovative approach to the design of MOCAA's elevators is more than an aesthetic choice; it is a testament to his commitment to reinventing the vertical journey. Elevators, often overlooked as transitional spaces, become experiential moments in the museum visit. They become vessels that bridge the gap between different levels of the silos, transporting visitors not just physically but emotionally.

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